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We all need sexual healing

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Be Her Best Lover Ever and other stuff to help you guys out Oct. 11th, 2004 @ 12:33 am
Here are things to do that can make you her best lover ever:

1.) Make her wait. ( hypnotize her with pleasure, make her wait for the great surprise.)

2.) Make her feel sexy.

3.) Make her pucker up.

4.) Make her melt.

7 Hot Things to Say to a Women (voted in america)

1. "I love your eyelashes."

2. "Sex with you just gets better and better."

3. "You look beautiful when you're sleeping."

4. "The way you dance is really sexy."

5. "You have a wonderful laugh."

6. "You're so clever."

7. "Your skin smells fantastic.
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learning Oct. 11th, 2004 @ 12:33 am
Sexual behaviors is a elaborate form of physical intimacy which can also be directed to reproduction (sexual intercourse) and or the enjoyment of ones body.

Physical Intimacy:

Physical Intimacy has it stages which are followed on this stages:

1.) Touching or holding hands
2.) Hugging
3.) Sitting or lying next to each other
4.) Caressing: gently stroking body parts
5.) Cuddling
6.) Back rub or massage
7.) Kissing
8.) Touching intimate parts or outercourse ( no bodily fluids are exchanged)
9.) Sexual penetration

how far have you gotten on the stages?
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star signs in relationships and sex Oct. 6th, 2004 @ 03:49 pm

Aquarius In Relationships:
Aquarians love to give pleasure, they also tend to seek agreement, their friendly and very harmonious. Aquarians are so often busy caring for the masses that they forget about themselves. Aquarius soul mate is an genius with a lot of soul.

Aquarius And Sex:
Aquarians tend to approach sex with there mind. They like to share and discuss there thoughts with there lover. Their natural curiosity will also lead them to experiment.
Pisces In Relationships:
Pisceans exhibit an easygoing, go-with-the-flow quality personality when in a relationship. In a relationship a Pisceans becomes creative, senstive and very emotional towards that person. The ideal Pisces soul mate is more grounded than they are but still loves to play.
Pisces And Sex:
Pisceans like to have sex only if it means something, they like the emotions to back up the actions. Pisces is a sensual and creative lover, adoring playful sex and romping through erotic fantasies. Pisceans have a great appetite for sex.
Aries In Relationships:
Aries needs an equally self-possessed lover to stimulate them and set them on fire. Aries can be fiercely loyal, yet self-centered at the same time. Aries soul mate may be someone who is never, ever dull.
Aries And Sex:
Aries is a physical and fearless lover and is blessed with the stamina to go all night long. They are not afraid to experiment sexually in their quest for pleasure, which means an open-minded lover is a must.
Taurus In Relationships:
A slow and steady courtship is most pleasing to this sign, and Taurus will stay in the game until they get what they want. The ideal Taurus soul mate has a platinum card and isn't afraid to use it.
Taurus And Sex:
Taurus is an intense partner, and one quite happy to have sensual encounters go on all night long.
Gemini In Relationships:
Gemini seeks a partner who is mentally stimulating. The ideal Gemini soul mate has a Ph.D., and is a world traveler with countless tales to tell.
Gemini And Sex:
Gemini aren't asking for much, just someone who will stimulate their mind for a great time. That said, a quickie in the back seat of a fast car is just what the doctor ordered on some days. Face it, this sign is versatile! Sex is a mental sport for Gemini.
Cancer In Relationships:
Cancer's charm and magnetism are qualities which will prove most alluring to a lover. Cancer loves to feel secure, so a lover who remembers birthdays and other special days, or simply pops a bottle of champagne for no special reason, will be rewarded with tenderness and affection. The ideal Cancer soul mate can spoon on the couch and watch TV all night long.
Cancer And Sex:
The emotional firepower that can be aroused within Cancer usually manifests itself as a series of wonderful fantasies and less as sexual acrobatics. Cancer is also quite intuitive and can generally sense what their lover wants. Cancer's feminine side is often on display in the bedroom, which means Cancer's enjoys being made love to.
Leo In Relationships:
A relationship with the daring, yet devoted, Leo will rarely prove dull. Leo's  may need to be lavished with attention. Leo's requires a lover who can keep up with them and certainly one who can match wits. The ideal Leo soul mate understands the pleasure principle and will work hard to keep their mate satisfied.
Leo And Sex:
Leo's wants action first and foremost, and if the moves are being made on them, all the better. When Leo's are being made love to they are flattered into a state of ecstasy.
Virgo In Relationships:
Virgo's easygoing nature makes for a reliable and steady sort who relishes the opportunity to be helpful to their partner. Virgo's devotedness also signals that a great deal of energy will go into making the relationship work. The ideal Virgo soul mate is well-dressed, empathetic and dying to show their Virgo a good time.
Virgo And Sex:
Virgo's is only more than happy to be everything their lover desires.
Libra In Relationships:
Librans love to be loved and lusted after, although they may initially do so from a safe distance. The ideal Libra soul mate talks a great game and has the confidence.
Libra And Sex:
Libras love seduction and foreplay, and plenty of talk leading to some hot action. Libra loves the thought of a gifted and attractive partner.
Scorpio In Relationships:
Scorpion's who is not quite ready to be controlled by others. This can make for an interesting relationship dynamic. What the Scorpion's wants are sex, love and money from a lover. The ideal Scorpio soul mate can go twelve rounds anywhere, anytime and preferably in bed.
Scorpio And Sex:
Scorpions smolder with every come-hither look, alluring wink of an eye and mysterious stare. The Scorpio lover has an almost hypernatural libido, and loves giving sensual pleasure.
Sagittarius In Relationships:
Sagittarians love the idea of a companion, a friend/partner who can share in their quest for truth and knowledge. This relationship will be active and spirited, filled with adventures to faraway lands, as well as exotic fantasies in the bedroom. The ideal Sagittarius soul mate is well-read on everything from Philosophy to Sex, and is not afraid to practice what they preach.
Sagittarius And Sex:
Sagittarians like to enjoy many an erotic experience, in keeping with their outgoing and sociable nature. Their great libido also lends itself best to an artistic and graceful lover, qualities they very much admire.
Capricorn In Relationships:
Capricorn keeps the ground rules pretty simple: Those with money, power and the trappings of success should step up to the plate. Capricorn's ideal soul mate is at the top of their game and willing to take the Sea Goat along for this stylish ride.
Capricorn And Sex:
Capricorn exterior lies a white-hot interior waiting to be discovered by a worthy lover. Capricorns is a persistent, passionate and loyal lover, so whoever is on the receiving end is in for a guaranteed good time.
what star sign are you, and does it relate to you?
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Master the Art of Aural Sex: Carnal Connections Oct. 6th, 2004 @ 03:47 pm
Get in the mood
Set the scene just like you would for any night of passion: light some candles, get undressed and find a comfy place to dial up your sweetie. Even phone-sex operators don't just launch into x-rated dialogue, so once you've got your lover on the line, casually transition your usual chit-chat into pillow talk. A good way to start is to express your desire to have him or her with you, or by evoking the memories of an especially passionate romp you've shared before.

Get specific
Use your knowledge of your partner's particular turn-ons to create an unforgettable mental image. Tell him or her what you're wearing (or not wearing), what you imagine your partner looks like (focusing on your favorite body parts) and what you'd like to be doing to each other to paint a vivid fantasy.

Listen in
Get your partner to confess his or her most carnal desires, too, by asking questions. Example: "Would you like to touch my...?" You'll not only learn about what's arousing your partner most, but you can also subtly direct the conversation to suit your desires, be they kinky or romantic.

Take matters into your own hands
When things really start to heat up, don't be shy about lending yourself a hand. Don't even think about not playing out the fantasy to its natural conclusion! Encourage your caller to tell you where and how to touch yourself and be graphic in your descriptions of every sensation.
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master the art of kissing Oct. 6th, 2004 @ 03:45 pm
Suction Smooch

Slowly pull your lover's tongue into your mouth during a kiss and gently suck on it. You'll stimulate all kind of underused nerve endings and maybe get your partner's mind racing as to other body parts you may give the same delicious treatment to.

Give Lips a Licking

Many awful kisses are the result of an over-reliance on your tongue. Your lips boast more nerve-endings, so make sure you give them the treatment they deserve. Lick your lover's upper and lower lips playfully. If all that licking has gotten you two lovebirds going, try gently sucking your lover's lower lip into your mouth and lightly biting down on it. Just don't get too rough.

Play Fair

Consider: if you always have your tongue in their mouth, they never have theirs in yours. Remember that kissing isn't a power play or a time to show off. Make sure you're cooperating in your kissing. If that's a problem for your or your partner, make kissing into 'follow the leader' kind of game.

Be a Tease
No one says you've got to be engaged in deep-throat tongue twining the whole time. Lightly brush your lips against your lover's and then pull away. Plant a sweet kiss on her nose. Nuzzle his chin. Whisper something naughty into an ear. Repeat as needed.

Keep It Simple

You're better off bagging any elaborate tricks, if you can just master the basics. Be natural. Keep your movements light and soft... at least at first. Simple and sweet is sexier than trying to duplicate some movie-star make-out session.
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Other entries
» Tantric Sex
Sometimes wham-bam thank you ma'ams are raucous fun. But sometimes you crave more intimacy from your partner. Practicing the art of tantric sex can help a couple find a spiritual connection in the bedroom. If you're like most people, all you know about tantric sex is that Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have been practicing it for years (Sting can reportedly have sex for hours before orgasming).

We don't have room to go into all the details about tantric sex. Here are the basics: Tantra finds its roots in Hindu and Buddhist sects in India. It is not a religion. One doesn't have to adopt a spiritual belief system. Tantra is merely a complement to any lifestyle. It's a way and a path. Part of that path is practicing tantric sex, which means using rituals to find a balance between sexuality and spirituality. So if you want to bring some spirituality into the bedroom, copy the way tantric sex practitioners perform a "Maithuna," a sexual union.

Mentally Prepare. Sit cross-legged on your bed naked. Try to imagine your "third eye" an inch in front of your forehead. Imagine this eye looks like the flame of a candle. Imagine the flame flicker, dance around and hiss. Doing this helps all other thoughts in your mind fade away, so that you are still inside.

Physically Prepare. No sexual encounter can be considered tantric if it doesn't involve ritual bathing. Bathing is symbolic of preparing the temple of your body for a feast. Lather a rich scented soap over your body. Admire your curves and uniqueness. Pay special attention to your erogenous zones. They are the seats of your sexuality. Let the water wash away the suds. (For bonus points, shave all, we mean all, areas of your body. It will heighten sensitivity for both you and your partner). Dry your body with a clean, thick towel. Then put on a silk robe, or approach your partner naked.

Prepare the room. Light two candles. A flame represents spiritual surrender. Dim or turn off the lights. Put on one cd in your stereo (preferably earthy music) and press repeat so that it plays over and over. Set the volume low. The music should pulsate slowly with a 1:1 rhythm. Later when you begin foreplay and making love, your movements should reflect this rhythm.

Before beginning, share a light meal that honors Earth with your partner. Try fruit or cheese. Drink one glass of red wine, the ultimate tantric drink because its color represents blood, our life flow.

Share. If either of you are preoccupied with any matter, share what's on your mind. Let your problems off your chest so that you can fully concentrate on the upcoming ritual. This will help you achieve a sense of oneness with your partner. His worries are yours, yours are his.
» 60 second sex tricks
Staring Contest

Not to get all sappy on you, but it's both sexy and romantic to do that whole gazing into each other's eyes thing during your most intimate moments. Turns out, there's a reason it makes sex seem so much more soulful. According to the Journal of Research in Personality, a couple with their eyes locked on one another experiences a marked increase in feelings of passionate love.

Prolong the Preamble

Even a mere extra minute of foreplay will absolutely pay dividends. So spend that extra sixty seconds lavishing attention on her lower torso, or nuzzling his neck just the way he likes it. Tease yourselves mercilessly and then? Put off your passions for another minute of pre-play.

Take a Deep Breath

The 'O' in the Big O should stand for "oxygen," because without it, you won't reach the highest heights of pleasure. Take a minute to make sure you're not holding your breath on your climb to the top. Or spend it experimenting with your breathing: breathe in sharply before you hit your high note and then exhale slowly while climaxing, making it seem to last longer

Opt for a Time Out
It's easy: just stop what you're doing for sixty seconds and do something else. Halt mid-coitus for a little light massage or pause between thrusts to lock eyes and share a sexy grin. Then resume. By taking a break from the action, you'll add to the anticipation, leading to a more explosive finale.

Speak Up

Lusty talk is a total turn on for both men and women. Start off sweetly ("That feels amazing") and as you get bolder ("I love feeling your tongue there") you can escalate to using your raunchiest four-letter words. Take sixty seconds to share exactly what you'd like to do next, or to give the play-by-play on the current action.

Really Let Go

Scream, shout, laugh, sob or just writhe around, flailing your arms and legs. When you're sexually excited, give yourself permission to really express yourself, letting go however feels comfortable for you. The more you express your pleasure, the happier you'll make your partner. Plus, orgasms are more powerful when you really let 'er rip.
» Foods To Give You That Sexy Feeling
*Nuts and Seeds:
sunflower, sesame, poppy and pumpkin seeds are rich in EFA's or Essential Fatty Acids which helps sexual hormone production. Zinc found in the seeds enchance your ability to scent your partners pheromone.

*Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is expsenive but it does help stimulate the sexual functions.

Helps relief stress that may cause sexual frustation or impontence.

*Flax seed oil
helps with your sexual stimulation nerves.
» universal sex tips
Eyes Wide Open

Explore the emotional side of your physical romps by keeping your eyes open from foreplay to climax. It may feel a little intense at first, but you'll experience your pleasure peak in a whole new way. According to the Journal of Research in Personality, a couple with their eyes locked on one another experiences a marked increase in feelings of passionate love.

Sealed With a Kiss

Many couples, even though they're still getting sexy with each other on a regular basis, tend to let those steamy smooches from their early days slip away. Make time for tongue twining. Just ten-seconds of lusty lip locking will have you feeling passionate instead of platonic.

Rough And Tumble

Giving - or getting - some tough love, whether through a hard kiss, a quick squeeze, or an unexpected push down onto the bed, is a surefire sexual fire starter. Many men prefer find the rough stuff more erotic than the usual sappy stuff; and women who prefer a softer touch may be surprised to find they're turned on by unleashing their inner vixen.

Break Out the Blindfold
Give new meaning to the saying, "Love is blind." Cover your lover's peepers and let him or her enjoy the delicious thrill of wondering just where you'll touch them next. And you get to treat yourself to watching your lover writhe in anticipation of your next sexy move.

Get in the Fast Lane

Even if you've got all night for nookie, pick up your passion pace and indulge in some super-hot, super-speed sex. Urgency is an aphrodisiac because it's so hard to not feel desired when your mate needs you now. Instead of your usual routine, take your lover by surprise by initiating a quickie the minute they walk in the door from work, right out of the shower in the morning, or whenever the mood strikes you.
» why do men prefer pretty faces over ugly ones?
omg, when I read this article I cracked up laughing! It is hilarious!

Newborn babies come fully equipped with built-in preferences, including a preference for an attractive face, that help them make sense of their new environment, report the BBC News Online and Newsweek magazine. The Exeter researchers showed more than 100 infants two images that were placed side by side. One was of an attractive face, while the other was a less attractive face. The babies, ranging in age from five hours old to two days old, spent about 80 percent of the time looking at the attractive face, while barely glancing at the unattractive face.

"You can show them pair after pair of faces that are matched for everything other than attractiveness. This leads to the conclusion that babies are born with a very detailed representation of the human face," Dr. Alan Slater, a psychologist at Exeter, explained to the BBC News. Why would infants have this capability? "It helps them to recognize familiar faces--particularly that of the mother--and it helps them in learning about the social world. Attractiveness is not simply in the eye of the beholder, it is in the brain of the newborn infant right from the moment of birth and possibly prior to birth," he added.

When those babies grow up, the preference for pretty faces doesn't change. And it crosses all cultures and geography as well. When an insular European is shown the faces of two Africans, the one he chooses as most attractive is also the same one an African chooses. And it works the other way around when an African is shown the faces of two Europeans.

"Although we think that standards of facial beauty vary over time and culture, they don't actually change that much," Slater explained to Newsweek. The evidence indicates that there is a biological and universal standard."

So don't blame a man when he can't help but look at a pretty face! He's biologically programmed that way.
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