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Eyes Wide Open

Explore the emotional side of your physical romps by keeping your eyes open from foreplay to climax. It may feel a little intense at first, but you'll experience your pleasure peak in a whole new way. According to the Journal of Research in Personality, a couple with their eyes locked on one another experiences a marked increase in feelings of passionate love.

Sealed With a Kiss

Many couples, even though they're still getting sexy with each other on a regular basis, tend to let those steamy smooches from their early days slip away. Make time for tongue twining. Just ten-seconds of lusty lip locking will have you feeling passionate instead of platonic.

Rough And Tumble

Giving - or getting - some tough love, whether through a hard kiss, a quick squeeze, or an unexpected push down onto the bed, is a surefire sexual fire starter. Many men prefer find the rough stuff more erotic than the usual sappy stuff; and women who prefer a softer touch may be surprised to find they're turned on by unleashing their inner vixen.

Break Out the Blindfold
Give new meaning to the saying, "Love is blind." Cover your lover's peepers and let him or her enjoy the delicious thrill of wondering just where you'll touch them next. And you get to treat yourself to watching your lover writhe in anticipation of your next sexy move.

Get in the Fast Lane

Even if you've got all night for nookie, pick up your passion pace and indulge in some super-hot, super-speed sex. Urgency is an aphrodisiac because it's so hard to not feel desired when your mate needs you now. Instead of your usual routine, take your lover by surprise by initiating a quickie the minute they walk in the door from work, right out of the shower in the morning, or whenever the mood strikes you.
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