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60 second sex tricks - We all need sexual healing

About 60 second sex tricks

Previous Entry 60 second sex tricks Oct. 4th, 2004 @ 02:07 am Next Entry
Staring Contest

Not to get all sappy on you, but it's both sexy and romantic to do that whole gazing into each other's eyes thing during your most intimate moments. Turns out, there's a reason it makes sex seem so much more soulful. According to the Journal of Research in Personality, a couple with their eyes locked on one another experiences a marked increase in feelings of passionate love.

Prolong the Preamble

Even a mere extra minute of foreplay will absolutely pay dividends. So spend that extra sixty seconds lavishing attention on her lower torso, or nuzzling his neck just the way he likes it. Tease yourselves mercilessly and then? Put off your passions for another minute of pre-play.

Take a Deep Breath

The 'O' in the Big O should stand for "oxygen," because without it, you won't reach the highest heights of pleasure. Take a minute to make sure you're not holding your breath on your climb to the top. Or spend it experimenting with your breathing: breathe in sharply before you hit your high note and then exhale slowly while climaxing, making it seem to last longer

Opt for a Time Out
It's easy: just stop what you're doing for sixty seconds and do something else. Halt mid-coitus for a little light massage or pause between thrusts to lock eyes and share a sexy grin. Then resume. By taking a break from the action, you'll add to the anticipation, leading to a more explosive finale.

Speak Up

Lusty talk is a total turn on for both men and women. Start off sweetly ("That feels amazing") and as you get bolder ("I love feeling your tongue there") you can escalate to using your raunchiest four-letter words. Take sixty seconds to share exactly what you'd like to do next, or to give the play-by-play on the current action.

Really Let Go

Scream, shout, laugh, sob or just writhe around, flailing your arms and legs. When you're sexually excited, give yourself permission to really express yourself, letting go however feels comfortable for you. The more you express your pleasure, the happier you'll make your partner. Plus, orgasms are more powerful when you really let 'er rip.
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